Eva BroutianEva Broutian
Have been doing lessons with Pete for a couple of months now and I'm really enjoying the whole process. Pete's been great at addressing things that have caused me concern. He's been able to do this in a very constructive manner. At times when I express my worries he's been able to make me feel calm and collected with his understanding and calm personality.

The LDC workbook has been really helpful in addressing the lesson objectives and has been a great tool to use in preparation for the lessons. I have been able to clearly identify my goals and areas of improvement through the use of the planning sections of the workbook. The videos have also been great in showing what needs to be done in lessons.

Jake Ward
Enjoying my lessons
During my lessons with Peter I felt calm and relaxed as we progressed through the system. Working through the LD system allowed me to feel confident in my driving ability as it allows you to go at your own pace. Pete'r teaching style was perfect for myself as he remains calm and allows you to focus on his guidance and instruction,

Abi Ward
Fantastic Lessons
Peter has been an excellent instructor for me and undoubtedly will be for others too. My learning experience was calm, informative, and I felt eager to learn with Pete upon the lessons. The workbook, videos and method for learning helped a great deal in solidifying my knowledge. Pete's lessons have left me very road confident and knowledgeable about road safety when driving a care. His great teaching abilities evidently come from a place of motivation and genuine care for his students.

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